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  • T.L. Spezia

    T.L. Spezia

    T.L. Spezia writes short fiction and creative nonfiction in southeast Michigan. He edits Boneyard Soup, a horror & dark fantasy magazine. Twitter:@timothyspezia

  • Paul Millerd

    Paul Millerd

    The future of work is about doing less work @ www.think-boundless.com & 📩 boundless.substack.com

  • Connie DeLorimier

    Connie DeLorimier

  • Annie Catherine

    Annie Catherine

  • Allie O'Brien

    Allie O'Brien

    There are many good fishermen and some great ones. But there is only one you.

  • Raza Hussain, MD

    Raza Hussain, MD

    Addiction Medicine Physician. Author. Featured in Shape Magazine. Currently in Nashville, TN. razahussainmd.com

  • Marcus Angelo Moreno

    Marcus Angelo Moreno

    A public relations expert living for the next pop-culture afterthought while moonlighting as an anthropologist studying human sexuality.

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