Why understanding your ‘boundary blueprint’ at work is so important

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How to Pace Yourself and Manage the Shock to Your System as Restrictions Lift

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How committing to unlearning and growth will improve your relationships

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What this powerful emotion is teaching me about self-trust

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Why befriending your procrastination is better than judging it

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What Curiosity and Non-Judgment Can Teach Us About Ourselves

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Now is the time to re-evaluate your relationships

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Navigating Insta-Therapy and Its Critique

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Engaging the Erotic to Make Mutual Aid a Sustainable Part of Your Life

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Mutual aid is one way to help the millions who’ll be living with
disability and chronic illness

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Christina Tesoro, LMSW

Christina Tesoro is a New York City-based writer, sex educator, and therapist.

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